Studium Canticum Association

Spreading music, spreading culture

We believe not only in the beauty of the music, but also in its power of bearing on the life of the society.
Therefore we aim of being a center for spreading music culture for everyone.
Our goals are:

  • to make the patrimony of musical knowledge grow in order to enrich life of the society and cultural awareness;
  • to extend the ability of distinguishing musical proposals so that classical music may become a common patrimony;
  • to increase the audience of choral music, extending the category of listeners.

The voice, a priceless good

The main instrument to achieve our goal is the voice, an instrument owned by everyone. When suitably educated, anyone can use it in an aware way.
Voice is our identity card, tied to our own personality and expressiveness, better of any other instrument.

The choir like a voiced and human community

The choir is an amazing opportunity to make music, to live music like a protagonist and not only as a listener.
Choir is also a community where tolerance of diversity is learnt, together with mutual listening and commitment for a common goal.